Alert! Google Warned Google Chrome Users the will affect by a bug

Google is the world’s most trusted and popular company. Google Chrome is created or designed by Google. Google Chrome is the most trusted and safe browser. Chrome is used by a lot of peoples across the world.

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In the past few days, a bug found in the Google Chrome which can affect the user’s data. This bug is basically affecting the file reader feature which affects the users personal or private data. File Reader feature is a feature by which we can read any file without saving in the PC.

The bug in Google Chrome is first discovered by an analysis group of Google which is able to detect this type of Bugs. For privacy, Google has been started updating Google Chrome. The newest version of Google Chrome is rolled out. The Bug is first detected on 28 February. After the detection of this bug, Google started a new version rollout across the world. Google has been posted a new post by which they told about this bug.

According to Google the newest version of Google Chrome is rolled out so check it on Play Store and install the latest version of Google Chrome. The latest update is basically rolled out by solving the problems of Google Chrome and some of the improvements occur and some of Bug fixes.

So if you have not installed the latest version of Google Chrome then go to Google Play Store and install the latest version of Google Chrome. If you don’t install this update then the private data will come in the danger. So the data saving from hackers Google has been designed this update.


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