Alert! More Than 150 Crore Users Affected By Adware Attack

Google has been removed more than 200 apps from there Play Store. From the last 3-5 years, Google has been removed a lot of apps from its Play Store. But after removing these apps, the malware comes back in the other apps. Google Play Store has an old relationship with malware.

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The researcher has been reported for these malware affected apps. These 210 apps are affected by adware. Adware affected apps show ads in pop without any permission from the user. These basically found in the computer but now these come in the Android smartphones or in Android Apps.

According to a report more than 15 Crore users are affected by this adware. This adware is specially designed for the games like as Real Tractor farming Simulator, Heavy Mountain Bus etc. From these apps, a game is downloaded more than 10 Million times from the Google Play Store.

The total 210 Apps which are affected by this adware has been removed from the Google Play Store. According to researchers, SimBad Malware has the ability to create an app into three pages which include Show Ads, Phishing, and Exposure. By using this malware the hackers will easily steal your data like as Username and Password.

So if you have installed these apps then Uninstall these apps. If you aren’t able to find that these apps are removed then go to Google Play Store and check the installed app list and check the apps which you have installed then remove those apps which are not available on the Google Play Store.


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