BSNL Can Shut Down, Instructions by Government

The government telecom company BSNL will shut down. BSNL is not profitable for the government. According to media news the government telecom company, BSNL will be sold or closed by the government.

BSNL, BSNL shut down,

Why Government will BSNL sell or closed

According to media reports the total loss of BSNL reached at 31,287 Crore. The government suggested to the BSNL that they prepare a report by which they can revive or again work on the telecom field. So if the company is not able to make something by they can revive, the company will be shut down.

Before this, a new report occurred which showed that more than 30,000 employees terminate. To remain again in this field the company need to provide offers by which users are happy and the money will be saved.

According to our data, BSNL has several old buildings which can be utilized for the income sources.


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