Get 2GB Daily Data with Eros Now Subscription Just in Rs 98

BSNL comes again with a new offer by which they will provide 2GB daily data and Eros Now subscription. This offer is revised for users. The users will get 2GB/Daily data instead of 1.5GB/Daily.

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The offer is updated for Haryana and Tamil Nadu. The has been updated on the site of BSNL which is only shown in Haryana and Tamil Nadu. The users will not only get 2GB data but also get Eros Now Subscription. The offer comes with reduced validity of 2 days. The offer is reduced from 26 days to 24 days.

The Eros Now subscription already comes with other data recharges which are Rs 298, Rs 333 and Rs 444. The subscription of Eros Now is only valid for 24 days as the validity of Recharge.

After the reports of the shut down of BSNL is comes again with new offers. According to the media reports company will shut down by notification from the Government. But now it looks company again came in the telecom sector. If you are a BSNL users you can also get Prime Membership of Amazon through BSNL’s official site. According to our reports the Prime Membership of Amazon comes with a offer which is only for some of the users. You can check your eligibility from the official site of BSNL.



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