Google Has Been Launched a New App for Learning English And Hindi

Google has been launched a new app for children which is able to teach English and Hindi. Google has been launched this app with the name Google Bolo. This app is only available for Android System or for Android users.

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This app is launched for Android version 4.4 KitKat or above. This app will be used for primary school children for learning English as well as Hindi. This app is powered by Artificial Intelligence. This app comes with the Text-to-Speech feature. This app is only launched for Indian users.

This app comes with a lot of features. In this app, an animation will give instruction to children. This character is used for children to increase their interest in reading stories and for learning. If there was any problem in the speaking of children then the app helps them to speak right.

This app works properly in offline. The size of the app is 50mb. The app includes about 100 stories in Hindi and English languages. According to Google, the app works properly without any name, age, Gmail and more information. There is no need to share any personal information.

This app is now under development so in the next updates the app comes with more features. This app is tested in the 200 villages of UP. According to Google, the result got after the testing looks good. In the next updates, the new languages will be added in the app. According to Google, in the next updates, the app will support more Indian languages like as Bengali, Gujarati and more languages will be added in this app.


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